Daily Menu Creations

* You can change any of these items and replace them with what you prefer or create your own.

  • Hialeah

    Guava with Cream Cheese/ Maria Cookies/ Condensed Milk Syringe #TOP5MOSTPOPULAR

  • Bomb.com

    Dulce de leche/ Nutella Swirls/ Marshmallows/ Condensed milk syringe #TOP5MOSTPOPULAR 

  • Ferrero Rocher

    Nutella/ Peanuts/ Kit Kat/ #TOP5MOSTPOPULAR

  • Coconut Rum Pie

    Rum Raisins/ Coconut/ Vanilla/ (Waffle Bowl optional)

  • CafĂ© Con Leche

    Dulce de leche/ Coffee/ Chocolate Chips/ Caramel Syringe

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